Reason to smile ? A poem about the struggles in the world

IMG_0154 smileReason to smile ? A poem about the struggles in the world

If we are meant to be the civilised beings, why do we smile away from our problems?

Why do we kill our own, disregard the poor and kill the planet as we speak?

Are we protecting our untainted young from the enticing light

That deceives us as corrupted purity?

Are we setting a pathway for younglings to prosper bliss

When all our goals are oriented around money, sex and power?

Why do we blame murderers and rapists

When we should look at ourselves for despoiling the innocence from children these outlaws once were, how can we smile?

3 thoughts on “Reason to smile ? A poem about the struggles in the world”

  1. Yes! “Every time we look away from ruthlessness, poverty, corruption, need, and suffering, we’re allowing these things to flourish and grow. Are we saying it doesn’t matter to us? We don’t care enough? Then cruelty crouches on our own doorsteps, and we are suddenly outraged. If a child is beaten and we don’t stop it, who are we to rail when the child grows into a violent man? If we fail to feed the hungry are we choosing to starve them to death?”

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