loneliness is a female?!


Loneliness will sit over our roofs with brooding wings. Bram Stoker, Dracula Loneliness will sit in a corner of my room – brooding and childish. She’ll rock in my chair – combing droopy wings all night. She won’t be quiet. I’ll toss and I’ll turn – scaring sleep away and watch night burn into day. […]

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“the smell of pine forest” so nostalgic!

This poem rattled around in my mind and body for the last few days. I did not write it out in rough form, so this is it. To read a poem; That is to breath in the world, Meditating on that world (Re)membering a fleeting moment– A moment my whole body experienced; The smell of […]

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The picture really sets the scene!

In the wilderness of Maine, in the rhythm of the waves, in rivers of the mountains, a calling to my heart, to my pen, wings lifting with a new wildness in my senses I write the words launching the poem from my spirit. Poetry and Image © Copyright 2017, ancient skies

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“The scars I wear for all to see, They show the journey that is me” – wow this is so powerful dont you think?!

The scars I wear for all to see, They show the journey that is me, I’m bonded by the chains I’ve made, I’m shackled by the hands of fate, Forever, I will always walk alone, Lost, bereft without a home, This broken man who no-one loves, The empty soul, I’m not enough, I’m tethered to […]

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So utterly graphic! How does this make you feel?

Written by Jacob Ibrag Black star, who do you think you are? Crickets sleeping in the depths of your crater. We won’t see you coming. Hidden. Crashing into the receptors of our central nervous system. I’d ask for your name and yet this part seems familiar. A cobra chasing it’s own tale. Tail? Tale. Delivered […]

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Urdu styled poetry… so underrated… what does everyone else think?

Latest book: The Golden Tradition: An Anthology of Urdu Poetry, edited and translated by Ahmed Ali. I think I can reuse the illo of Babur and Humayun here, since Babur was probably reciting some verse. In Persian, not Urdu, I know. Ali is a great guide– knowledgeable, enthusiastic, tolerant, a font of details. What he […]

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If you are happy with yourself… you are happy with the world…

I want to slowly ease into dreams of sunshine feel the warmth of its longing kiss but even this, I miss while too many shadows loom chasing away the sunlight stealing the afternoon glow. My skin pales in comparison while others’ cheeks alight with olive skin, but drought sometimes is all that’s left for […]

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