The Flower- Poem

The Flower

A poem:

white flower

White Purity stainless to many

Stained through puberty

Innocent at heart, heart of the bud

Pleasant at first glance, Stings when you’re on the wrongside of it

Why so beautiful, if im only about to be pushed away?

Deceptive, beautiful, elegant, bittersweet

Yes that’s my Diocia.

‘I have something to tell you’


Close your eyes‘.

red flower

Last walk to freedom, blinded by darkness

Peerless purity, corruption continuum

Deceptive, like the women in the black dress

Tenebrous, beware, angel of darkness stares

Into your eyes, makes you see none

Death makes you see black? Or the heavenly white?

Black cards, black cards, lifes a game

Gamble right and you may get a black,

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